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Thank-you for visiting our site. We are a non-profit organization based in California dedicated to bring awareness to and fight against animal abuse and violence worldwide and eventually the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. For now...a majority of our work is done online and through social media. However, our goal is to expand FFTI into a rescue facility and a local AND worldwide activism community. There are millions of animals that are brutally tortured everyday that need our help. Especially in the horrific (and in some places illegal) dog and cat meat trade.

One of our many missions we would like to accomplish, is to provide aide to homeless pets and their owners. There are so many homeless dogs on the streets that suffer and struggle during the summers and winters, right alongside their human companions. 

These innocent victims are unable to speak for themselves, therefore WE are their voices. We have so much hope for their future. If we all care enough about these innocent and beautiful animals, and work WITH each other, then all of our voices together can make a huge difference. We are determined to fight for them and NOT give up, no matter what it takes. 

Join us in this battle against the TRUE evil in this world and help bring justice to the innocent ones that deserve it. Help us make people aware of the horror that these innocent creatures endure in a daily basis. It is time to 



All innocents deserve warriors fighting for them. And make no mistake, all of you make an army of such warriors. Let's fight together and make a change!

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This community was designed for nonprofit activism, with various groups, tasks, and much more. If you are interested in joining the fight against animal abuse and/or

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