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Thank you so much for considering membership. We are more than happy to have you here. In order to achieve our goals for these animals we need this to be an organized and professional community. Therefore, there are only a few requests we ask of you. Please read our guidelines thoroughly and fill out the membership form and create an account by clicking on the person avatar on the top right hand side of the page.  Again, thank you for joining the fight for the innocent.  

Community Guidelines

It's about the animals

 Your main purpose for being here is to help the animals 

This isn't a competition

 We are all here EQUALLY for one purpose,  and it is not to compete with one another. 


 No spreading or stealing any copyrighted material  

No spamming

 We only share the truth here. No fake articles, petitions, etc will be tolerated. 

Be Respectful

 No offensive content towards others, including racial remarks 

No Trolling

  If it is made aware you are "trolling", you will be kicked out and blocked.

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